V temnoi dali

Sisters at Sunset

Signing a Peace Treaty

Когда на пирамиду взошёл ветер

Когда на пирамиду взошёл ветер, То люди думали, что это бог. Когда побежал по равнине, Говорили—мальчик.

Dancing on the Edge, or Atlas (Хозяин медной горы)

Solovey Razboinik and the Forces of Good

Athena Wearing Gorgon Medusa Head

ATHENA CONSIDERS HER DESTINY Stone words hard to wield, smooth as the moon washed of night, shape me into a weapon no man can see except with the eyes of his bones. Words tight as skin in a fleshless space, worn thin in a cage of a promise, design fast leap into the air no [...]


Sisters at Sunset

A Young Girl