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Moscow born, Nina Kossman is a painter, sculptor, bilingual writer, poet and playwright. Her paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in Moscow, Philadelphia, and New York.  The recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts translation fellowship, a UNESCO/PEN Short Story Award, grants from Foundation for Hellenic Culture and Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, she is the author of two books of poems in Russian and English as well as the translator of two volumes of Marina Tsvetaevas’s poetry. Her other books include “Behind the Border” (HarperCollins,1994), “Gods and Mortals: Modern Poems on Classical Myths” (Oxford University Press, 2001), and a novel. Several of her plays have been produced off-off-Broadway.  She lives in New York.

NB: “Kossman” is spelled with a double “s” in English and with one “s” in Russian.



Queen of the Jews, a novel, published under a pen name [NL Herzenberg] (Philistine Press, England, 2017); in Russian translation: Царица иудейская (Рипол, 2019).
Gods and Mortals: Modern Poems on Classical Myths, anthology, Oxford University Press, 2001. ;
Nina Kossman. Behind the Border. William Morrow / Harper Collins, 1994 (hardcover); Beechtree / William Morrow (Harper Collins) (paperback). Asunaro Shobo, Tokyo, 1994 (in Japanese).
The Story of Little Ai.
Poem of the End. Selected and Narrative Lyrical Poems of Marina Tsvetaeva. Translated by Nina Kossman.  Ardis Publishers / Overlook Press, 1998.
Overlook Press:
По правую руку сна. Poems in Russian and English. (Побережье, 1998)

In the Inmost-Hour-Soul-Vox-Humana.Selected poems by Marina Tsvetaeva. Translated by Nina Kossman. Humana Press, 1989.
Pereboi, Poems in Russian and English. Khudozhestvennaya Literatura, Moscow, 1990.
Перебои: стихотворения – Нина Косман (Коссман)- Google Books

Translations of Russian Poetry in Anthologies 

Gods and Mortals: Modern Poems on Classical Myths Oxford University Press, New York / Oxford, 2001.
Divine Inspiration: The Life of Jesus in World Poetry Oxford University Press, New York / Oxford, 1998.
World Poetry, W.W. Norton & Co., New York, 1998.
In the Grip of Strange Thoughts: Contemporary Russian Poetry, ed. J. Kates, Zephyr Press, Boston, MA, 1999.
The Gospels in Our Image: An Anthology Harcourt Brace, New York/San Diego, 1995.
Twentieth Century Russian Poetry Doubleday, 1993.

Translations of Russian poetry and prose in Literary Magazines

Three poems in
Translations in Issue 21 in “Four Centuries of Russian Poetry”
South Florida Journal, Poems by Boris Khersonsky.
Ezra Journal of translation (Boris Khersonsky)
Trafika Europe (Marat Baskin)
When Women Waken
Blue Lyre Review
Words Without Borders.
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City Lights Review, Issue 1, San Francisco, 1987
Vassar Review, Winter 1984
Silo, Bennington College, Vermont, 1980

Poetry / Short Stories in Russian (by “Нина Косман”: note only one “c” in the Russian version of “Kossman”)

Russian translations of Kossman’s English poems in “Aртикуляция”:
Poems in “Крещатик”/”Kreschatik” Kiev literary magazine:
Short stories in “Артикуляция”:
Poem in Coronavirus Poetry
Eight short stories in “Vremena” (pp. 118 -140):
Three stories in “Ural” / Три рассказа в журнале “Урал”:
Poems in “Артикуляция”, a Russian literary journal:
Короткая проза в журнале “Артикуляция”
Подборка стихов / Poems in “45-ая параллель”
Подборка стихов / Poems in “Эмигрантская лира”:
Притчи на русском и на английском в журнале “Двоеточие” / Bilingual parables in “Dvoetochie”
Нина Косман : Nina Kossman
Рассказ в журнале Homo Logens. Начало на стр. 78:
Подборка стихов в “Новом журнале”/ Poems  in the New Review
Рассказ в “Волге”
Рассказ в журнале “Двоеточие”:
Рассказ в журнале “Новый берег” , ;
Два рассказа о детстве в “Новом континенте”  ; ;
Два рассказа в “Новом континенте”
Рассказ в “Новом континенте”
Два воспоминания and paintings in Средоточие
Стихотворение в “Читальном зале”
Two short stories
Зарисовки в “Знамени”
“Исмул, мальчик-воин”(перевод с анг.) в альманахе “Новый Гильгамеш”  http://xn--80alhdjhdcxhy5hl.xn--p1ai/content/ismul-malchik-voin   (
Poems in “70”
Prose poems in Zinziver, a journal based in Moscow
“Ismul, the Boy Warrior” / “Исмул, мальчик-воин”  http://xn--80alhdjhdcxhy5hl.xn--p1ai/content/ismul-malchik-voin
Стихи и две картины в “Литературных известиях”
Рассказы в журнале “Новый берег”;
Воспоминания о Довлатове в журнале “Новый берег”
Три рассказа в “Волге”/ Short stories in Volga
Подборка стихов в  Поэтограде.
Пять рассказов в Homo Legens
Стихи в  альманахе “45-ая параллель”
Рассказ “Мёд” в журнале “Крещатик”
Два рассказа / Two short stories in “Новый континент”
Подборка стихов “Олений цикл”  в альманахе “Связь времён”
Подборка стихов. Poems
Стихи и картины. Poems and paintings in “Мастерская”
 Главы из романа   
Подборка стихов. Poems
Подборка стихов. Poems in “Российский колокол”
Детские рассказы о детстве в журнале “Этажи”
Poems in  Слово/Word
Poems and paintings in Среда:
Poems in Связь времён
Poems in Связь времён
Poems in Russian Women Modern Poetry in Translation
Перебои: стихотворения – Нина Коссман – Google Books
An Anthology of Contemporary Russian Women Poets. Edited by Daniel Weissbort and Valentina Polukhina. University of Iowa Press, Iowa City, 2005
Russian Women Poets, Modern Poetry in Translation, No. 20, King’s College, London, 2002
Литературный витраж,ed. by Vadim Kreyd and Anatoly Liberman, The Association of Russian-American Scholars in the USA, 1996
Побережье (Poberezhye / The Coast), Philadelphia, 1993, 1994, 1995
Новый Журнал (The New Review), 184-185, 192-193, New York, 1991, 1993
Вестник, Maryland, 9/1/91
Встречи, Philadelphia, 1985, 1986, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997

Poem Translations into Russian 

Переводы стихов Кавафиса в журнале “Плавучий мост”

Альманах “Связь времён” Переводы стихов  Кавафиса

«ВЕК ПЕРЕВОДА» Переводы стихов  Кавафиса
Переводы стихов Кавафиса.

Библиотека Ферганы. Переводы стихов Кавафиса

Переводы стихов с испанского языка

Poetry in English

Poem & painting in Ekphrastic Review:
Three poems in WordCity Monthly:
Two poems in “The Blue Nib”:
Seven poems in January 2020 issue of “Live Encounters”:
Seven poems in “Live Encounters (December 2019) issue:“>
Poems in “Live Encounters”>
Three poems in Unlikely Stories
Three poems in Trafika Europe Corner
A cycle of poems  in “Why NiCHT?”, a trilingual (English, German, French) literary journal (Vienna, Austria)
Contemporary Verse 2. The Canadian Journal of Poetry and Critical Thinking, vol. 38, issue 4. Spring 2016
When Women Waken (Nov. 2015)
Modern Poetry Review. Issue 2, March 2015
Leader’s Guide, Lectionary-Based Materials, Morehouse Education Resources, Denver, Colorado, Spring B 2012
Latitude on 2nd, Poetry Anthology, Spring 2012
Empirical, Premier Issue, June 2012
Gods and Mortals: Modern Poems on Classical Myths Oxford University Press, New York / Oxford, 2001
Virginia Quarterly Review, vol.72, Number 2, 1996
The Gospels in Our Image: An Anthology Harcourt Brace, New York/San Diego, 1995.
The Connecticut Poetry Review,Volume 14, number 1, 1995
Prairie Schooner, Volume 70, Number 3, Fall 1996
Quarterly West, No. 40, Summer 1995
Orbis, no. 89/90, Summer / Autumn 1993, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK
International Women Poets Anthology, LIPS, Issue 17, 1993
Orphic Lute, Vancouver, Canada, 1993
Alea, Number 1, Spring 1990
The New Renaissance, Vol. VIII, No.2, 1989
Southern Humanities Review, Spring 1986

Short Stories in English

Story about an Old Rug
Three short stories / flash [non]fiction in Unlikely Stories
“Your Students or Your Customers” in PEN America
Tin House, Vol. 5, Number 3, Spring 2004
Confrontation, No. 72/73, Fall 2000/Winter 2001
Nuestra Voz / Our Voice, Anthologia del Comite de Escritoras del PEN Club Internacional, Salta, Argentina, 2001
Art Times, June 2000
Michigan Poetry Review, Arthur Miller issue, University of Michigan, Fall 1998
Columbia, issue 29, 1998
Prism International, Vol. 36, No.2, Winter 1998
Short stories (translated into Dutch) in Horizon, Belgium, Number 102, winter 1997-1998; Number 103, Summer 1998; Number 104, winter 1998-1999
The Threepenny Review, #71, Fall 1997
Wind Magazine, Number 80, 1997
Pen International, Volume XIV, Number 2, 1995
Mundus Artium, Volume XV, Numbers 1&2, 1985
The New Southern Literary Messenger, Richmond, Virginia, Spring 1985
Sepia, Cornwall, England, 1985


Театр абсурда “Водные процедуры” (абсурдная пьеса в журнале “Этажи”)
“Foreign Gifts” in Asymptote
“Mirror”, published by Off the Wall Plays
“Foreign Gifts” performed by “Global Female Voices”, London, April 2018
Moonlit Wings production of “Mirror”, Nina Kossman’s play for children
Women Playwrights: The Best Plays of 2000. Smith and Kraus, 2000,
221 One-Minute Monologues for Women. Edited by Capecci and Ziegler Aston
Foreign Gifts was performed by The Ventura Court Theatre, Studio City, CA (March 1998)
One-act plays (From Russia with Gum, The Road to City Hall, Miracles) produced by The Theatre Studio, 1997-1998

Нина Косман (Нью-Йорк). Безглагольный динамизм поэтической речи Цветаевой (A Centennial Symposium Dedicated to Marina Tsvetaeva, Norwich Symposia on Russian Literature and Culture)
“Иерархия жертвенности в трагедии Цветаевой “Ариадна” (Побережье #3, 1994)
Reviews of off-Broadway plays in Novoye Russkoe Slovo, 1995-1996
Вестник, Russian-language biweekly, “Ветхий Завет и современная поэзия”, April 4, 1995

Art in Journals

Paintings in “Emigrantskaya lira” (issue #2, 2020).
Paintings in Тrafika Europe (Trafika Europe 13: Russian Ballet)
Art in New England Review
Painting of Sobek in “Lord of the Carnelian Temple”
Paintings in Five80Split, a journal of arts+letters, Mills College, CA, 2017.
Painting (“Mars”) in “Dauntless” (a back cover image and a frontispiece).
Paintings in Garfield Lake Review 2017, Olivet College, Michigan.
Paintings in Новый Континент
Poems and paintings in “Мастерская”
Paintings and a root sculpture in FLAR:
Paintings in
Three paintings in “Minetta Review”, Spring 2016
Two paintings in “Les Cabinets des Polytheistes”
Stalagmite Sculptures in So to Speak Journal
When Women Waken
Painting  (Poseidon”) in “From the Roaring Deep” (back cover and title page):
Ealain Magazine, Boksburg, South Africa, June 2015

Selected Reviews of N.K.’s Work

Nina Kossman`s interview
The Journal of Hellenic Studies / Volume 125 / November 2005, pp 201-201. Copyright © The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies 2005
Тартаковский, Пётр. “Нынче душа совершает набег…”. Побережье (Poberezhye / The Coast), Philadelphia, 1996
Вяч. Завалишин, “Лазейка в Озон: Н.Косман. Перебои”. Новый Журнал / The New Review, 1997
“Behind the Border” by Nina Kossman. Review by Carrol McCarthy in School Library Journal, 1994
“Behind the Border” by Nina Kossman. Review by Chris Sherman in Booklist, 1994
“Behind the Border” by Nina Kossman. Publishers Weekly, Aug. 1994
“Marina Tsvetaeva. In the Inmost Hour of the Soul”, Nina Kossman, tr. by Patria Brodsky, in World Literature today, Spring 1990


UNESCO/PEN Short Story Award, London, 1995.
NEA 1993 and 2002 Fellowship Panelist (Literary Translation)
Foundation for Hellenic Culture grant (Oxford University Press), 1998
Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation grant (Oxford University Press), 1998
National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, 1999
Fundacion Valparaiso, Spain, 2000

Reviews & Writeups:

Newsday, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, Booklist, Hornbook,American Poetry Review, World Literature Today, Choice, School Library Journal, Detroit Jewish News, Durham Herald, Washington Sun, Translation Review. In the Russian press: Novyi Zhurnal, Poberezh’e, Novoye Russkoye Slovo. In the Greek press: Proini and To Rima. In Slovenian: Delo. Featured on WBAI, WEVD, WNYE, Channel 69/Manhattan Cable TV. Dictionary of Russian Women Writers.Dictionary of Poets of the Russian Diaspora. Something about the Author. Who’s Who in the World.

Reviews of the novel (the Russian edition):
Знамя (Станислав Секретов):
Артикуляция (Ольга Бугославская):
Кольцо- А (Татьяна Ридзевич):
Перемены (Алексей Синицын):
Новые известия (Interview):
Новые известия: (Анна Берсенева):


Nina Kossman`s Family


BIO in Russian