Isidor Brenson (Isidorus Brennsohn) & Klara Herzenberg

Nina’s great-grandparents

Isidor Brenson (1854-1928), an orthopedic doctor, had a private practice in Riga. He compiled and published three volumes of a biographical dictionary of the doctors of Courland, Livland (regions of Latvia), and Estland (Estonia). Klara Hertzenberg (1859-1939) was his wife. His memoir, written in German, is being translated into Latvian for Riga’s Museum of the History of Medicine.

Isidor Brenson`s memoir in Russian translation -PART I.
Isidor Brenson`s memoir in Russian translation – PART II

Isidor Brenson’s (Isidorus Brennsohn’s) memoir in English translation.

Klara’s father, Robert Herzenberg, was born in Piltene, later lived in Mitau in Courland (then a part of the tsarist empire; later it became the Latvian city Jelgava). He started a textile firm in Mitau/Jelgava, and his four grandchildren (Ruth, Ellen, Theo, Robby) grew up there.