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Short story , By Misha Kossman

В шлепанцах, в халате, надетом поверх пижамы, он быстро вышел из кабинета, когда начал звонить телефон. Поскольку было позднее десяти, он решил, что это жена. Когда она уезжала из города, она звонила ему--выпив несколько порций спиртного--каждый вечер в это время. Она занималась закупкой товаров для бизнеса и всю эту неделю была в от'езде по делу. [...]

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Po Pravuyu Ruku Sna

all poems are © copyright 1985-2003 Nina Kossman SHAPE OF A WHISPER The shape of a whisper? What else do these bones promise? Lying in wait of some body's love, stretching thin arms, twitching thin nose, witholding kisses with a halting hum, why, they are growing instant shadows! They are developing twisty leaves! Here, in [...]

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A bomb said to a city:

A bomb said to a city: "I'm falling." The city asked: "Whose side are you on?" The bomb said: "I take no sides. I'm falling." The city said: "Look around you." The bomb said: "Too late." The city did not say anything.

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The stronger evidence of a cloud which carried him into the paper-strewn lot of a magnified dream no longer his own, no longer here, no longer alive, as it was when it used to entrap him. As it was, it was no longer a cloud that carried him. He, on a string of his dream, [...]

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"Wishing to gain Cassandra's favors, Apollo promised to teach her the art of prophecy; she learned the art but refused her favours; hence Apollo deprived her prophecy of power to persuade." Apollodorus, The Library, III.xii.5 (tr. J. G. Frazer) HOW CASSANDRA BECAME CLAIRVOYANT So. You are Apollo. Well, that's a new one. As good a [...]

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